Song of the Middle Fork

I enjoyed partnering with my daughter, Ajalaa Claussen, to publish the poem “Song of the Middle Fork” along with her photograph “Gold Rush” in the Autumn/Winter 2015 edition of River Poets Journal. Thank you Judith Lawrence and all the folks at Lilly Press. See the link below.

River Poets Journal Autumn/Winter Edition 2015

The Song of the Middle Fork


The silent twist of ghost white

Butterflies in a joyful dance

Wrought by the updraft

Of fragrance from vetch, mullein, and artemesia

A scintillating pollen cloud

En plein air, pleasantly exhausted

Wings inhale and exhale

Precariously perched in sunshine

That glints and glimmers

Off the spiraling surface, tempestuous tornadoes that reel,

Gather, and tumble downstream

In boundless playground laughter

Turned whitewater in its race around the lazy bend that captures

You and me smiling,

Mirrored on the surface.


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